Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Half Your BodyWeight Clean and Jerk Press As Many Reps Possible in 4 Minutes

Last week and article in Sports Illustrated came out on a wrestling Coach Mike Powell who was fighting a disease  called Polymyositis. Before this  Coach Powell had always been the strongest guy in the weight room. He would do all the drills with his wrestlers and challenge them and he would always beat them. This article was very moving to me. If you  want to know more just google the article in Sports Illustrated. One of the workouts that he challenged the wrestlers with was 1/2 your body weight Clean and Jerk Press for as Many Reps in 4 Minutes. So I decided to do this workout today I was a little cautious as this is the exercise that hurt my shoulder in June. I was able to get 31 reps in 4 minutes with 85 lbs nothing great but I did it. Considering all that someone like Coach Powell has been dealing with I feel lucky for all that I am able to do. below is the video of my workout.

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