Saturday, September 10, 2011

The All-Pro Diet Review

Last year I decided that I wanted to be the healthiest I could be. I have a yearly check up and always do well but I wanted to be in peak health. I read the china study and it's about eating an  all plant based diet and I found out about Tony Gonzalez and Jon Hinds. I started talking to Jon Hinds and eventually met him in October. I went right into the vegan diet after reading it in June. I was on it for the summer going into October the only problem I had was that I was having to many bathroom trips from all the fiber and it was getting harder to do when I would go to parties or somewhere with my family. I could do it if I lived at home by myself with no social life not everyone in the world eats healthy.So enter the All-Pro diet  I thought it was just another book on becoming a vegan as Tony Gonzalez was talking about his diet. What a surprise it was when it said that Tony still ate more plant based food but also consumed more meat to help keep his strength up and he felt better than having an all plant based diet. Another thing was that it did not require for you to eat massive amounts of protein.There is also a recipe section so you can make some very tasty food.There is also a chapter that will help you to adjust your protein levels so you will not how much you need. After reading the book I decided to try some of the principles form the book and see what worked best for me. I eat protein but I do not eat massive amounts of it like I used to. I have not felt weaker from it. The things that I have eliminated are fruit, and almost dairy and  grains 100 percent.A typical day for me is like this.
1. Large Coffee with some hazel nut flavor
2. 3egg whites with spinach and Tomatoes on a whole wheat wrap (only time I eat a grain)
3.Fish or Chicken with tons of vegetables and water
4. 2 organic food bars before a workout
5. This is where I eat the most protein after I workout  Chicken or fish with a large serving of vegetables
Notes I drink lots of water I don't drink and diet drinks only if we go out to eat at a restaurant and I have only one diet coke no more. Depending on my hours of work I don't always eat the 2 organic food bars if I workout early I have either a Sun Warrior shake or All-pro Science shake with a smaller meal for dinner. I eat when hungry but I never stuff myself.
The All-Pro diet is a very good book I highly recommend anyone to read it if you are a mom or athlete or older person just wanting to have better health. I rather pay for good fresh food than to have to pay doctor bill or to pay for medication. You can purchase the book by going to the all-pro science link on my blog.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Jump Rope And Core Workout

With all the talk I have about getting ripped abs I decided that I was going to do a workout focused on  the core.Having ripped abs is all about diet. But you need to have a strong core because this is where all your strength is. If you don't think so Jon Hinds creator of the Power wheel last year did 405 deadlift for 12 reps easily after about 15 years of not touching a weight.Having personally met Jon I can attest to how strong he is.
The Workout
10 wheel rollouts
10 crunches
10  v-up situps
10 full situps
Jump rope to failure  adding five reps per round until you hit 20 then start at 10 reps working back up to 20. It took me 30 minutes to do this workout.
In the video you will see me do the first two rounds. The life Line Power Wheel can be found at the following

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Morning Fat Burning Workout 2

This morning I decided to add some resistance on my workout to induce more fat burning.I used one band of the Power Jumper . The workout was the following:
5 rounds
10 lunges per leg
10 Hindi Pushups
10 Wheel Rollouts
Power Jumper Jump Rope to failure
The workout takes about 20-30 Minutes depending on how much you have to rest.The goal is to do 5 rounds with no rest. By doing these workouts first thing in the morning in a fasted state you will  burn more fat.If you can do that twice a week it will speed up the fat burning process. The Power Jumper cable makes it harder as it is giving you resistance  on the whole movement making it  harder and making you burn more calories.If you can find a place with nice padding as the concrete was not so nice on my knees I like to touch the floor on the lunges.See the video Below. You can Purchase the Power Jumper or the The power wheel at the Following Links  is for the Power wheel and for the Portable Jumper the link is