Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MBG Power Cycle Workout

MBG Power Cycle Workout Top OF The Minute For 24 Minutes

I have been doing the Monkey Bar Gym 2 month Power Cycle and today the workout was 24 minutes top of the minute workout.
I changed some of the exercises in the original you are to use kettlebell"s I used a 20lb weight vest instead The object was to get 10 reps in a minute if you finish before the minute is up rest until the next minute starts and go on to the next exercise.
In the clip I did:
10 lunges
100 double unders
10 bench jumps
15 burpee's no pushup( I had to Use 10 reps for the rest of the Workout)I did get all six rounds in the 24 minute I also did not rest in the clip as I didn't want to bore you with me waiting for the minute to be up.

I will try to go up one rep next workout I hope you enjoy the video.