Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beginner Bodyweight Complex

I keep getting asked what is the best way to tone up the abs and hips. Well you can not make your body lose inches from a desired spot. Working out and your body does not work  like that. You need to work the body as a whole unit. I don't train isolation. One of the best ways to build muscle and drop body fat without spending tons of time on a hamster wheel(AKA the treadmill) is by doing complex's . I wish I had been doing these a lot sooner in my training before. These workouts are very hard and short but the hit the entire body. You can use bodyweight,dumbbells, barbell,sandbags and even kettlebells with them. The following workout was :

The Workout is
A1) 10 Pushups
A2) 10 Bodyweight Squats
A3) 10 Lunges
A4) 10 Planche Knee Ups
This should be done for 5 rounds with little or no rest.Two to three times a week  at the end of the workout. If 10 reps is to hard do 5 then trying to build up to 10 reps after that go up to 15 reps then build up to 20 reps. When you can  do 20 reps with no rest. for those that do not have weights take a back pack and add a book or books for extra resistance . Also if you can't do full pushups do them from your knees until you get stronger. The is a simple but effective workout please give it a try.

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