Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Power Wheel Walk With 20lb vest

This is me doing a Power Wheel Walk with a 20lb vest. This works the whole body but stresses the core  more than anything and works your cardio. The challenge for this exercise is to do 100 yards. I did not measure the distance I know it was not 100 yards. This is a great finisher to any workout do 5 sets as far as possible.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Morning Fat Burning Workout

I like to get up early on Sunday morning before the family gets up and get a fat burning workout in. I do this on an empty stomach to raise my metabolism during the day. Since I am having shoulder issues and the Dr. has told me to stay away from upper body work. I saw Jon Hinds owner of Monkey Bar Gym demonstrating two cool exercises with his Power Jumper that I happen to own one myself . So I did my own workout with these two exercises and added one of my favorites the Double Under with a Jump Rope. The Workout was as follows.

4 set of 25
25 Power Jumper Squats
25 Power Jumper Back Extensions
Double under to failure
The video below is  my second set of the four sets