Friday, February 24, 2012

Travis Stoetzel 's 28 Day AMF LAST WORKOUT

Well first off I want to thank Zack Even Esh because of him I found out who Travis Stoetzel is. Travis is a certified coach under Zach Even Esh from the Underground Gym. I started watching Travis's videos on youtube about a year and half ago and all I saw with this big ripped up dude doing some hardcore no BS workouts. Travis at the time did not have a program out so I just read everything he would put on his blog and his videos trying to do what I could without any set programming. Then it happened Travis came out with Bags ,Bells and bodyweight program.I bought it the instant it came out. I used the barbell in place of the sandbag as there was no way for me to get one and I wasn't going to let a piece of equipment get in my way. During week 6 it happened I hurt my shoulder doing power cleans something moved inside. I was in deep pain and went to the Dr. who told me I had rotator  cuff injury plus shoulder impingement. Well what was I going to do. I  lowed my weights and continued eating  good and training with what I could do. I sent Travis and email with my before and after picture's and those are on his testimonial page. Fast forward in September 19th I had cochlear ear implant surgery as I only have 7% hearing left. I was told to not workout at all for 6 weeks. This was a nightmare the pain from the surgery was bad enough but not working out was killing me.I lost weight and got flabby no matter how hard I tried eating well.The last two weeks of 2011 all I did was work  and not workout because of the holidays. Then Travis came out with the 28 day AMF program and I saw my picture on his testimonial. I had been playing with IF fasting and researching it. I felt that I could have achieved better results if I was able to do my upper body. So I read up more on If fasting and came up with my own program on that.  I may just write about it and sell it. You see unlike most I am also 42 and I do not recuperate like Travis or someone younger than me but I do not use that as an excuse. So far the last 28 days I have been busting my butt doing Travis's AMF program with IF fasting I think I have made some very good improvements when I take my pictures tomorrow I will be able to tell. I will take a deload week. The only workout I plan to hit hard is the crossfit open workout.After this I will do another 4 week cycle because I still have not hit my goal.In the video's  you will see is from my gym that I share in my coop it is not a hardcore gym heaviest dumbbell is 80 pounds and I had to be them for . 90 percent of the time I am alone in this gym today I had people there but that was not going to stop me at all. One benefit of having hearing loss is that I take the implant off so I don't hear anyone at all. I just get in the zone. So this is for Travis I hope I did you proud on your program.



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