Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No Frills Power Endurance Workout

I get asked a lot by people what do I train for. My workouts are not for bodybuilding anymore. I look at pictures when I trained this way and my muscles looked different  than they do know. I don't train to get bigger. I feel in love with the Strength and conditioning aspects of BJJ when I competed because that was something that I always so go in competition . So I train a lot for power endurance and trying to have the most amount of functional muscle with least amount of fat.There are so many tools out there that are marketed to get you in condition. But what if you do not have money or your gym does not have the equipment?Does this mean you are doomed? I did 3 power endurance workouts today one was Thrusters with 95 lbs for as many reps possible in 4 minutes.  From there I went into burpees to pullups as many reps as possible in 5 minutes. Then I did 2 rounds of dumbbell overhead walks followed by 80 pound dumbbell farmer's walk with no rest. The only time I rested was as long as  it took to set up the camera. Remember as you get tired your form starts to break just like when you wrestle or do BJJ. This is why we train like this.

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