Wednesday, March 21, 2012

AMF Workout Third Week AND Daily Log

If fasting
Coffee with Vanilla in the morning and water
Foam Rolling
A1) Barbell Jerks 5x5 115,115,115,125,125
A2) Toes to bar leg raise 5x10
B1) Renegade rows 4x10
B2) Chain pushups descending sets 4 set to failure ( Video of this will be up soon)
4 sets of
C1) kb swings 62lbs 12 reps
C2) burpees
C3) medicine ball planks 30-60 seconds
Do over two sets on med ball planks
Post workout BCCAA plus 3 clif bars
Dinner Steak 2 sweet potatoes and slice of avocado with water

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