Tuesday, April 3, 2012

11 Things I did during the 28 Day AMF Program

These are the 11 things that I did that helped me transform during the 28 day AMF program.

1.  Having used Travis Stoetzel programs before I believed in him and I knew the program would work. I did not jump from program to program.
2.  I did 100% IF Fasting during the entire program.
3.  I took Branched Chained Amino Acids before and after every workout. I believe this helped me keep as much muscle as possible while fasting.
4.  I did lots of foam rolling and myofascial work. This helped me reduce soreness and prevent injuries. This was a big plus added to my training.
5.  Sweet potato was my number one carbohydrate every night except on my cheat day.
6.  I had to force myself to take a cheat day so my leptin levels would go back to normal.  I needed to shock it back at the beginning of the week.
7.  Instead of jumping up big weight numbers every workout I went up slowly in order to prevent injury.
8.  Take extra days off.  I had to realize that I do not have the recovery of a younger guy so I would take extra days off if I needed during the week.  I never work out on the weekend to recover and to spend time with my family.  
9.  Working out to get results is a war but you must look at the workout as a battle which will help you win the war.  A war is not won in a day but won over time.  This same principle applies to working out.
10.  I made sure I had the biggest meal post workout with as much protein as possible.
11.  Be motivated.  I wanted to prove to all the people that have doubted me and told me that I could not do this or that I do not have the genetics to do this……and I have. 

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