Monday, April 9, 2012

The Importance Of Cheat Day

One question that I have been getting asked a lot is how can I miss out on all of the good foods when I go to an event or go out to eat with my family.  Well, I don't miss out on anything. One thing that I found out before I started doing IF Fasting is that our Leptin level recognizes that we are trying to lose weight so it adjusts which causes the body to stop losing weight.  That is one reason why lots of people who drop weight but then hit a plateau and don't go down in weight anymore.  That is because their body has adjusted to the calories that they are now eating.  I know this may sound crazy but one day out of the week that I chose for my cheat day is Saturday.  From the time I wake up until noon I fast and then I eat whatever I want until 9:00pm. My menu for this past Saturday consisted of coffee with hazelnut flavoring and a coffee roll.  In the afternoon, I and my family went to a Columbian Restaurant where I ate this:
This was grilled skirt steak, corn cake with cheese, lettuce, French fries and rotisserie chicken that my daughter did not finish.  Later for dessert I had crumb cake. This type of eating has helped me was my IF Fasting.  In fact, a couple of hours before I took my transformation picture for the AMF (Athletic Muscle Formula) program I ate a Philadelphia cheese steak with French Fries.  Does it look like I am missing out on anything with these pictures???
So, cheat day is very important and you will be a happier person and so will your family.  You can go out and enjoy a party or local dinner with no worries about hurting your training. You will make better gains because of this process since your body won’t have a chance to adjust to the changing of calorie intake. Just remember that this is only for one day.  You eat good for 6 days out of the week and then have your cheat day.
I have been asked a lot of questions regarding the AMF program I use that help change the way I look. This program does not use anything fancy so all you need are dumbbells, a barbell and body weight exercises.  These workouts can be done in any local gym. Click on the link to the right of my page that says “28 Day Muscle” to see the program that transformed me.


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