Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Morning Fat Burning Workout 2

This morning I decided to add some resistance on my workout to induce more fat burning.I used one band of the Power Jumper . The workout was the following:
5 rounds
10 lunges per leg
10 Hindi Pushups
10 Wheel Rollouts
Power Jumper Jump Rope to failure
The workout takes about 20-30 Minutes depending on how much you have to rest.The goal is to do 5 rounds with no rest. By doing these workouts first thing in the morning in a fasted state you will  burn more fat.If you can do that twice a week it will speed up the fat burning process. The Power Jumper cable makes it harder as it is giving you resistance  on the whole movement making it  harder and making you burn more calories.If you can find a place with nice padding as the concrete was not so nice on my knees I like to touch the floor on the lunges.See the video Below. You can Purchase the Power Jumper or the The power wheel at the Following Links  is for the Power wheel and for the Portable Jumper the link is

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