Friday, September 9, 2011

Jump Rope And Core Workout

With all the talk I have about getting ripped abs I decided that I was going to do a workout focused on  the core.Having ripped abs is all about diet. But you need to have a strong core because this is where all your strength is. If you don't think so Jon Hinds creator of the Power wheel last year did 405 deadlift for 12 reps easily after about 15 years of not touching a weight.Having personally met Jon I can attest to how strong he is.
The Workout
10 wheel rollouts
10 crunches
10  v-up situps
10 full situps
Jump rope to failure  adding five reps per round until you hit 20 then start at 10 reps working back up to 20. It took me 30 minutes to do this workout.
In the video you will see me do the first two rounds. The life Line Power Wheel can be found at the following

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